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Lumenite Light Sleeve T8 (1" 36w lamp) 48" (1200mm)


Lumenite Light Sleeve T8 (1" 36w lamp) 48" (1200mm)

Product Information

The Lumenite® Light Sleeve is a semi-translucent, photoluminescent sleeve that fits readily over new or existing fluorescent tubes. 

It absorbs light from the fluorescent lamp when lit, and emits light in the event that the light source is removed (eg blackout). 

The emitted light is projected onto pathway obstacles to provide visual guidance around them so that safe, orderly and expedient evacuation may occur.

The chemical composition is finely balanced to minimize lumen loss from the lamp during normal operation while maximizing available usable light in the event of a blackout.

In addition to providing backup evacuation lighting, the Lumenite® Light Sleeve can also be utilized to establish escape route paths creating a 'breadcrumb' effect providing easy to follow evacuation routes.

Where to Use

In any space that could be occupied or used as an egress pathway where life or safety may be endangered in the event of loss of normal lighting.

Key Benefits

• instant and fail-safe activation
100% reliable; always on; no hazardous delay period waiting for a generator to start; does not rely on maintenance having been performed, batteries being charged, or lamps & other components; nothing to fail

• save money
low initial cost, quick & easy to install, no ongoing costs, no maintenance, no power usage, no batteries, no wiring

• environmentally friendly
non toxic, non radioactive, no batteries, no energy usage

• convenience
no tools needed, no alterations to existing fittings

• safety and security
increased safety, increased security, areas kept illuminated under all conditions

• glass containment
provides tube breakage protection, qualifies as a glass containment device

• easy to install

Installation Instructions

- remove the fluorescent lamp from its fixture
- slip the Lumenite Light Sleeve over the fluorescent lamp  
- fit the end caps (supplied) to the Light Sleeve
- replace the fluorescent lamp into the fixture

   Lumenite Light Sleeve Installation Instructions


Product Code: LLS-T8-48

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